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July 10, 2003

I got back from the David Talbot lecture in time to catch the second half of the charming New Waterford Girl. I've seen it before, but it was worth watching again. Here's the marketingtastic plot summary:

Two teenage girls in a small Nova Scotia town, one a local who feels suffocated by the town and the other recently transplanted from the Bronx, cook up a plan to esape the area to pursue their dreams.

It's all about escaping small towns, Catholic guilt and wind-swept shores. Everybody speaks with that getting-near-Irish Nova Scotian accent and there's plenty of celtic music. In short, all the best that the Maritimes have to offer. Plus, everyone looks kind of Irish.

 It also features the wonderful Mary Walsh as the protagonist's mother. I heartily recommend to anybody looking for an enjoyable native film. Here's what some other critics thought.

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