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July 19, 2003

It's like a punkier The Commitments.

It's an Australian Hard Core Logo.

It's Singles for the southern hemisphere.

Garage Days is the story of a struggling Australian band, and their quest for the One Big Break. As band members are want to do, they battle, screw, make up and battle some more. There's an aging rock star, a groupie girl and lots of hallucinogens.

The film is written and directed by Alex Proyas, who previously directed the deeply Goth The Crow and the under-appreciated Dark City. This film is clearly a departure for him, and to me it reeks of the A Midwinter's Tale syndrome, where-in a successful artist returns to his homeland to make a 'fun' film with his cronies.

The result is pretty mediocre. The acting is spotty (particularly Maya Stange as the groupie) and the film's more about style than substance. There's nifty super-slow-mo, rapid edits, over-exposed sequences--it's all a bit Moulin Rouge meets Requiem for a Dream, but not in a good way. I spent much of the film wondering at the separated-at-birthness of the lead Kick Gurry and 'Scrubs' Zack Braff.

I did, however, get these nifty stickers:

A brief marketing comment: The guy who ripped my ticker sheepishly handed me these on the way in. Each of those little squares is a seperate sticker. Presumably the Garage Days marketing team imagines that so many people will see the film, and stick so many stickers all over Creation, that people will come to recognize any one of these unbranded stickers individually.

It's ain't gonna happen. Put the film's name on every sticker.

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