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July 20, 2003

In addition to the mediocre Garage Days, I saw two other movies this weekend.

Swimming Pool is the new film from Francois Ozon, the director who brought us the insufferable 8 Femmes. The movie stars Charlotte Rampling as an incredibly uptight crime writer who travels to France to work and 'get some air' in her publisher's house. Her writing and Britishness are interupted by the publisher's flamboyant and French teenage daughter who brings with her plenty of emotional baggage and a different lover every night.

It's less ambivalent and turgid than most French films, so that's a plus. The acting is also persuasive. It's about half in English and half in French. Given the multi-lingual Traffic, is this a growning trend? Something related to globalization? As a plus, you get to see plenty of a scantily clad Ludivine Sagnier, which is never a bad thing.

Yarrrrrrrrrr! I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean, which, next to Hulk, is the best major blockbuster release of the summer. It's got strong performances (Geoffrey Rush underplays it next to Johnny Depp's antics), stunning special effects and a truly Shakespearean plot. There's plenty of swashbuckling, broad humour and Spanish gold. Fun for the whole family. Though, in truth, all of those undead pirates might give the young'uns some nightmares.

While we're discussing attractive starlets, let us not forget Keira Knightley, most recently demonstrating her ball-handling skills in Bend it Like Beckham. She's suitably English and feisty, and appears poised for major stardom (certainly if this outfit is any indication). I have a pet theory that an actress's increasing fame is directly proportional to her shrinking weight (see, for example, Jennifer Connely or any of those Charlie's Angels chicks). Ms. Knightley has very little to spare, so I wish her a career of slasher flicks and TV movies.

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