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August 13, 2003

Though I've never acted, I've got a background in theatre and film. So, I've known plenty of actors, held lots of auditions and seen lots of plays and movies. Freakgirlspew, who's doing some freelance work for a casting agency, reminded me of a few thoughts I had on acting the other day.

There's a tremendous gender imbalance among actors. In my experience, there's probably 1 man for every 8 women who are interested in acting. Furthermore, as we all know, there generally tend to be more roles for men than women. What does that mean? Most of the male actors I've known who have even a modicum of work have, by the age of 30, established themselves. That is, they're getting regular paying work. They're not Brad Pitt, but they've made a profession out of acting.

For the women, this is, unfortunately, a rare thing. Which is tragic, in a way, because generally the women are better, more committed and more thoughtful actors than the men.

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