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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Because of my prediliction for (often gay) female singer/songwriters, I've been accused of having the musical tastes of the average attendee of an Indigo Girls concert. While several of my friends found great mirth in this fact, I'm very comfortable with it. After all, it's really true. I pretty much liked all the artists on Lilith Fair. Give me a slight, pale, acoustic guitar-wielding girl and I'm there every time.

Ireland's Gemma Hayes (warning: lousy Web site ahead) fits the bill. She's got an extraordinary voice, and her debut album is fantastic. I saw her at Whelan's, a small but legendary club in Dublin, and was pretty underwhelmed. Her stage presence left a lot to be desired. Still, she's very young, so I'm sure she'll grow into the on-stage thing.

I was reminded of Ms. Hayes thanks to Jay at MetaPop.

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