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July 16, 2003

I do this all the time. I've got the musical taste of a teenaged Lilith Fair attendee. I recently ordered John Mayer's live album. I didn't know that much about him, but I'd downloaded some songs and liked their detail-heavy lyrics and Dave Matthews-esque groove.

I'm listening to the CD for the first time today, and there are a couple places where he has the audience sing a line or two. It sounds like a frickin' Dixie Chicks concert out there! It's apparently an entire audience of altos and sopranos. After a little investigation, I found this image. If you click it for a larger version, you'll note that there appears to only one glum-looking man in the first three rows.

I mean, I know Mr. Mayer's a good-looking bloke, but that's a bit silly.

My suspiscions about my taste and his audience were confirmed when we both responded positively to his brief segue into Let's Hear it for the Boy and Girls Just Want to Have Fun during the outro of 83.

So, speak up all you closet male Mayer fans. Persuade me that my musical tastes are, indeed, more manly than I think they are. Either than or I'm going to go listen to my Stephen Sondheim box set. "Isn't it rich, are we a pair?"

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