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August 3, 2003

I took the new digital camera for its first outing today. We went hiking on a section of the Baden-Powell trail in idyllic Deep Cove (as the Web site indicates, 'a cottage community, a people place').

I'm seeking some nifty image management/photo gallery software that will automagically organize images and, ideally, upload them to a section of my site. A while back (I think it was her) Arwen recommended Gallery, but I may have some technical barriers to using that one. So, I'm open to suggestions. In the meantime, we're going decidedly low tech. There are some hiking photos, and a few from around town yesterday:



I wonder what the deal is with the sign in the last photo. Is somebody foaming at the mouth?

I'm also open to suggestions on optimizing my camera. Any digital photography tips are welcome. I'm an experienced analog photography, but unsure on the digital end of things.

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