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August 28, 2003

I read today that the Russian Rocket's career may be in danger because of his wonky knees. Mr. Bure played for the Canucks for six seasons at the beginning of his career, and was unquestionably the most exciting, explosive player in team's history. At the time he was among the fastest player in the league, and was capable of things few other players were.

He was extraordinarily gifted, had incredible fitness (wasn't his body fat like 3%) and, unfortunately, was a total asshat. He was an apathetic whiner who apparently only cared about the all-mighty dollar.

That said, he was thrilling to watch. His game seven overtime goal against Calgary in 1994 is embossed on my memory. He flew down the ice and (to borrow a line from Richard Harrison) slip the puck under Mike Vernon like a surprise confession.

In a league dominated by the trap defense, 15-goal pluggers and savant goaltenders, his offensive talents will be sorely missed.

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August 15, 2003

This article (from that titanic news force, the San Diego Union-Tribute) reports that only two of the 29 Olympic venues for next year's Olympics are complete:

Hey swarthy guys, get to work.

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July 31, 2003

More for the local readers only (apologies to my non-Left Coast readers, but it's going happen occasionally):

My Ultimate frisbee team needs more players for the fall season. The season runs September and October on weekends (ideally, Sunday afternoons). Experience is preferred, but probably not required. I've got almost no skill myself, and I'm on the team. Email me at darren at darrenbarefoot.com if you're interested.

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July 29, 2003

I bought rollerblades about three years ago. Shortly after buying them, we went up to Whistler (in the summer) for the weekend, and brought our blades. We set off on a paved trail through the trees. Everything was going swimmingly until the trail began sloping downward. And kept sloping downward.

As anybody who's learned how to rollerblade knows, the tricky bit is stopping. I couldn't stop. Not at all. So, I'm hurtling down this slope, gathering speed and thinking about Newtonian physics. There's no end to the hill, and I'm not getting any slower, so I make the only choice I can: I bail.

Knowing what I know now, I would have tried to bail forward onto my knees, letting my knee pads bear the brunt of the fall. Instead, I kind of sat down.

The road rash ran from my waist to my knee. I spent the next twenty-four hours in bed. It wasn't pleasant. Here's my knee pad:

Check how I scraped all the paint off that screw. Cool, huh?

Not that I was particularly tempted to strap on the skates again, but soon after I went to Ireland. Dublin, predictably, is full of cobblestones. And narrow sidewalks. And kooky drivers.

This is a very round-about way of saying that I've started rollerblading again. I've started on the very flat, very spacious seawall that runs around Vancouver's False Creek. I've been about a half-dozen times, and so far there's been no trauma.

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For local readers only here. I'm considering buying one of those 11-game ice-packs for the Canucks this season. Well, two of them actually, for two seats. Yet, in truth, I only want to go to 5 or 6 games. Does anybody out there want to split these badboys with me? They're CAN $704 per seat for the eleven games, so that'd be 54.5% (if you want 6 games) or 45.4% (if you want 5 games) of $1408.

Email me at darren--at--darrenbarefoot.com.

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July 16, 2003

Skateboarding really didn't become cool again until I graduated from high school. What was cool when I was in school? You're asking the wrong guy. However, I've observed with some interest the emergence of skateboarding and its associated marketing tie-ins.

I don't really know anything about skateboarding termonology (for God's sake, don't Google that phrase), so I can't tell a fakie from a nollie kickflip. Well, I can now because I just looked them up. However, I have figured something out. I know why all those skateboarding teens look so darned sullen.

It's cause they're miserable failures at their chosen sport. Have you ever watched your average teen mob skateboarding? What's their success rate on the average trick? 5 percent? 8 percent? You'd be surly if you missed 92 times out of 100 too. This no doubt impacts their self-confidence, which impacts their self-esteem, which explains the super baggy clothing. It's all a tangled Web.

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July 2, 2003

So we got the games. Hooray. I don't think that anybody (myself included) fully understands what an impact the games (both their build-up and the actual event) will have on the city. If only for the potential of the profit of short-term rental gouging, I'm optimistic.

Yesterday, of course, was Canada Day. I celebrated by wandering around the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and then contributing to our nation's economy. I was reminded of this fascinating site, which lays out a plan for Canadian global domination.

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June 25, 2003

Way back in the day, I used to work as a receptionist and admin guy for the Oak Bay Recreation Centre in Victoria. It was a fine job, and the only unionized one I've ever had. We were also back-up lifeguards for those on the pool deck, and so there were certain procedures we had to get familiar with. I just found a copy of the following one in some old correspondence:

DATE:  September 27, 1996
TO:  All Aquatic Staff, Maintenance and Receptionists
RE: Fecal Incidents In Pool Water

If there is a fecal incident in the pool, please follow these steps:

1. Lifeguards will clear the pool which the incident occurred in.

2. Lifeguards will remove the fecal matter from the pool.  If the accident occurred in the big pool, maintenance will probably close a portion of the big pool.

3. Maintenance follows pool superchlorination procedures and informs both pool staff and reception as to the length of pool closure.

4. Reception gives out courtesy passes to affected patrons.  If lessons are canceled, Reception ensures credits are put on lesson participants accounts.  If other classes are affected by pool closure, Reception calls lesson participants to inform them that the pool is closed for ___hours due to maintenance problems.

5. The Aquatic Coordinator or Programmer will take care of staffing concerns.  In their absence, the Team Leader or lifeguard on duty may need to inform any staff whose shifts are affected by a lengthy pool closure.

6. Lifeguards inform the Aquatic Coordinator or Programmer about the incident.

7. Lifeguards document the incident by using an accident report.

Makes you think twice about using the public pool, doesn't it?

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As an avid iPod user and swimmer, I've often considered a waterproof MP3 player for the pool. I read about these MP3 goggles on Gizmodo:

The music player is integrated into swimming goggles and uses bone conduction to vibrate music direct to the skull. The sound quality is actually better than in a normal environment because there is no background noise.

Bone conduction? Does anyone else find that a little...yecch. I can see the headline in five years: 'Sound Waves from Goggles Cause Skull Cancer".

They haven't got a name for this product yet. Let's see...

  • SwimRock
  • PoolPop
  • Nager-Musique

I got nothing.

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