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July 16, 2003

Skateboarding really didn't become cool again until I graduated from high school. What was cool when I was in school? You're asking the wrong guy. However, I've observed with some interest the emergence of skateboarding and its associated marketing tie-ins.

I don't really know anything about skateboarding termonology (for God's sake, don't Google that phrase), so I can't tell a fakie from a nollie kickflip. Well, I can now because I just looked them up. However, I have figured something out. I know why all those skateboarding teens look so darned sullen.

It's cause they're miserable failures at their chosen sport. Have you ever watched your average teen mob skateboarding? What's their success rate on the average trick? 5 percent? 8 percent? You'd be surly if you missed 92 times out of 100 too. This no doubt impacts their self-confidence, which impacts their self-esteem, which explains the super baggy clothing. It's all a tangled Web.

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