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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

That's a reference to Being John Malkovich, in case you missed it. So here's a nutty little thing. Recently I've been musing on writing something fictional about a guy who's obsessed about remembering everything. So, he goes to extreme lengths to develop some software/hardware where-in he documents everything he can about his own life. Of course, knowing that all that data is stored somewhere else just addles his own memory. Anyway, not that original, but something to kick around while waiting for the elevator.

It turns out that I have God-like powers. For I've apparently created this man out of nothingness. Will Ludwigsen's alive and well and living in Florida. From his Web site:

In May 2001, I wrote a Visual Basic 6 application that reads, writes, and searches records in a database. Each record includes a date and a memo field describing the events of that date. I also added functionality to build documents including all of the records in a biographical timeline, as well as display the events that happened on a given date of the year. I can tell you, for instance, what happened today in my personal history.

The database currently contains about 1400 records, meaning that I know exactly what happened on that many days of my life. A small fraction, but better than nothing.

I use the database as a diary now, entering each day's events in sometimes excessive detail. The problem is that, unlike the historical records, the current ones cannot be prioitized. Who knows what will be important about today?

I found him while looking for weblogs by technical writers. If he were really brave, he'd expose his database on the Web. That'd be fascinating. Will, Web service-enable that puppy, would you?

And people say us technical writers are a bit detail-oriented.

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