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July 25, 2003

My iPod is a constant companion. It comes with me every time I leave the house. Except, until recently, when I'm driving somewhere. The iTrip has changed all that.

This barrel-shaped add-on turns your iPod into a tiny FM radio station. This means that you can play music from your iPod anywhere there's a radio. Using an iPod playlist, you just tune your device to a unused radio frequency, tune your radio to the same frequency and you're radio to go.

The configuration process is a bit finicky, and the iTrip doesn't fit as snugly as I'd like into my iPod, but once you get going, there's no complaints. I've gone on a couple of long drives this week, and it's invaluable. It'd be of particularly use to traveling salesmen (do those still exist?) who drive a great deal.

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