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August 11, 2003

I was putting together a proposal for an RFP today, and needed some writing samples. I was hunting through my portfolio for the right thing, and happened upon these two items:

  • In 97 and 98, I wrote a column for a Victoria-based computer newspaper. It was called Will Parse for Food. In this particular issue, I discuss possible Christmas gifts for the geek in your life. Referring to the Kodak DC120 Zoom Digital Camera, I say 'twenty-four-bit colour and 20 photo storage...a steal at $1200'. There's also a brief rant about ISPs, which, given my outages today, is still pretty relavent.
  • An editorial I wrote for a short-lived arts and culture magazine I edited called Mile Zero. It's probably from about 1995. In it, I call the Internet 'slow, awkward and overly complex.'

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Karlin Lillington cites a new kind of deprogramming camp: one to cure computer addicts.

In a desperate effort to reconnect him with real life his parents booked him into the Boltenhagen summer camp, Europe's first school for teenage computer addicts, where children are taught how to make friends, exercise and play games. The camp, on the Baltic coast, is run by an evangelical charity, but the course is funded by the German social security services and the children are from all denominations.

Ute Garnew, the camp director, said the demand for the 60 places had been so high since it opened in February that parents, "really have to fight to get a place".

Rule of thumb: never attend a camp where the director's name is 'Ute'. I wonder if these exist in North America? I'll bet there's thriving market for a national chain of these things. Of course, I'd be betraying my geeky roots if I bought into such a thing. I can't seem to locate the camp's home page...any German-speaking readers out there who can help?

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