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August 11, 2003

I was putting together a proposal for an RFP today, and needed some writing samples. I was hunting through my portfolio for the right thing, and happened upon these two items:

  • In 97 and 98, I wrote a column for a Victoria-based computer newspaper. It was called Will Parse for Food. In this particular issue, I discuss possible Christmas gifts for the geek in your life. Referring to the Kodak DC120 Zoom Digital Camera, I say 'twenty-four-bit colour and 20 photo storage...a steal at $1200'. There's also a brief rant about ISPs, which, given my outages today, is still pretty relavent.
  • An editorial I wrote for a short-lived arts and culture magazine I edited called Mile Zero. It's probably from about 1995. In it, I call the Internet 'slow, awkward and overly complex.'

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