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August 14, 2003

I posted my query about an Internet painting database on LazyWeb. One Michael Fagan promptly replied to me, and suggested Artcylopedia. This page features plenty of information and links to my man Henri, including my favourite painting.

In his LazyWeb comment, Michael also points to his super-groovy image search engine.

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Freakgirlspew (whose name I don't know, but feel I should), who was formely an agent, responds to my response on actors and gender inequity:

A horrible part of being an agent (which was a mostly great carreer) for me was constantly having to remind women actors that they have to look a certain way (stick figure with boobs). Most of the few female roles out there require very slender gals who also happen to be "fabulous" looking.

There are also some handy tips for actors.

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