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July 6, 2003

My closest grocery store is called Choices, and it's kind of a high-end store with lots of ritzy, organic foods. When I bring my items to the register, I'm asked without fail whether I'd like a Choices loyalty card. In fact, the conversation always goes the same:

CLERK: Do you have a Choices card?
ME: No.
CLERK: Would you like one?
ME: No.

I'm not paranoid about personal information or anything (thought that is a consideration), I just don't have room for any more cards in my teensy Victorinix moneyclip.

I'm in there three times a week, probably. The clerks are either well-trained or well-incentivized, because they always ask. So that amounts to my answering the same two questions 150 times a year.

It reminds me of setting a variable in computer programming. What I need are a couple of real-world variables that Choices clerks can access:


Instead, I'm stuck with the damn code that checks at runtime. How efficient is that?

Today I was served by Vince, the Front End Manager (how dirty does that sound?). I wanted to confront him with my problem, but I didn't think he'd accept it as the sort of academic quandary that I'd present it as. So, I just said "no" and "no", took my bags and fled.

6:19:48 PM        Mixed Bag Vancouver

I don't know if anybody else (in Vancouver or abroad) has noticed this, but everywhere I look I'm seeing girls wearing these massive tinted visors. They're essenetially brightly-coloured plastic welder's masks. When flipped up, they're like big duck bills, when flipped down, well, you're ready to join metal. Apparently, judging by those I've seen, the ideal setting is halfway down.

I Googled for several minutes, but couldn't find a single reference or image. I've seen them exclusively on Asian girls, so maybe this is a Japanese trend making a foothold in North America. Can anybody help me locate the source and/or photos?

Given the whole SARS thing (and associated SARS art), I think this is a beachhead of protective gear chic. I predict gloves will make a return and, I don't know, lots of blues and greens.

3:17:50 PM        The Arts Vancouver