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July 15, 2003

I really admire people who can schmooze and make small talk. Of the common skills us humans use on a regular basis, this is certainly my weakest. I'm incapable of doing it effectively. When I make purchases in stores, and forget to keep my mouth shut, the transaction also ends with the clerk laughing nervously. Why? Because, in my attempt to be congenial, I've offered some utter non-sequitor and confused them badly.

For example, I met a fellow writer for the second time ever tonight at a (gulp) networking event. What do I offer about eight seconds into our conversation: "So, you're Greek, eh?" See, that's me grasping at straws. She's got a Greek name, I've been to Greece, here's a topic we can share information about. Oy.

I did meet the lovely and charming Devon and Arwen, who bravely faced my unseemly banter. That was my first meet-the-blogger moment, and it wasn't overly awkward. No one struck anyone, so that's generally a good result for me.

Like Arwen, I too got a geekmail.cc (what's with that domain? I get the carbon copy reference, but c'mon) t-shirt. They've got some nifty, robust technology, but my current, free spam-killing solution operates at 95% effectiveness. It's not worth my US $75 for the extra 5%.

One other note: I didn't stay for the band, The Town Pants. The announced the band as "The Town Pants", like you might say "The Town Drunk." I think it should be "The Town Pants", as in the kind of pants you wear to town. I could be wrong.

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