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July 3, 2003

Todd's entry on found Usenet art reminded me of a little geeky goofiness that myself and a co-worker got up to last year. We devised poems by reading prose into his digital recorder, and then using it's lousy voice recognition software to translate it into text. 

All we did is insert line breaks and punctuation and remove an occasional word or phrase. I think they achieve a nice surrealism. Here are a couple results:

Source: The first verse of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

flowers gone belly-laugh
as the evening as his ferry
as a star like efficient
the tour as the backer

Source: A paragraph of Understanding SOAP

if Sophia's as the circus
and a lot of research left to the individual
and for example, has killed other countries
he has acquired what number of calls
but the desperation of the Korean department is under straw

This sort of Europe
Source: Hamlet's speech to the players

5th seed and a speech campaigners
as it collapsed into you,
Truly are not harmful if you loved it as relevant
has left the Paris border.

If not the last idea too much of her hand and thus
for an average of one tendency.
As a racing,
a whirlwind passion,
the masterplan begat its next West End
needs this sort of Europe.

She has periwig Peter Fell.
To terror passion for carriage to bury works.
Split the use of the grounds,
of her most are capable of nothing.

Its organ of controls:
coloured ink,
because he lives here and there.

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