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July 9, 2003

My friend James sends me this gem from the World Wide Words Newsletter. I was familiar with Italy's ill-named www.powergenitalia.com, but who knew there were so many others?

Newspapers have been having fun with the name of the Web site set up by the British energy firm PowerGen, which is investing in Italy and has created the wonderful www.powergenitalia.com (it is a real Web site, I can confirm, though not always easy to access). But you might prefer instead www.crotch-partnership.co.uk, which isn't what you're thinking it is, unless you know it's a firm of solicitors in Norwich. Another odd one is http://www.whorepresents.com/, at which you can find an actor's representative.

And there was a follow-up:

It turns out that PowerGen has nothing to do with the site I mentioned last week, www.powergenitalia.com, which has actually been set up by an Italian firm - presumably one with poor English - that charges batteries. Douglas Yates provided two other nice examples, one being http://www.classicalbums.co.uk/, but his favourite is a company that sells mobile phone ring tones based on hit tunes, http://www.ringtoneshits.com/.

I was disappointed by www.ringtoneshits.com. I hoped it was some kind of Hall of Shame for the worst perpetrators of lousy ring tones.

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