Vancouver Weblog Conference
96 answer(s)

Where are you from?
Vancouver and the Lower Mainland 76 (80.00%)
Elsewhere in British Columbia 13 (13.68%)
Elsewhere in Canada 3 (3.16%)
The Rest of the Planet 3 (3.16%)

If there was a weblogging conference in Vancouver, would you attend?
Yes 80 (84.21%)
No 15 (15.79%)

If there was a meet-and-greet cocktail party associated with the conference, would you attend?
Yes 69 (72.63%)
No 26 (27.37%)

What is the maximum you would be willing to pay for a one-day conference?
$0 29 (30.53%)
$300 0 (0.00%)
$50 55 (57.89%)
$100 7 (7.37%)
$150 3 (3.16%)
$200 1 (1.05%)

How important is the profile/popularity of the keynote speaker to your decision to attend the conference?
Very important 13 (13.68%)
Somewhat important 51 (53.68%)
Not important at all 31 (32.63%)

Would you be interested in leading a session at this conference?
Yes 26 (27.37%)
No 69 (72.63%)

What conference topics would you be most interested in (check all that apply)?
Blogging Tools 59 (11.17%)
Corporate Blogging 22 (4.17%)
Political Blogging 29 (5.49%)
RSS, Atom and Syndication 42 (7.95%)
Introdution to Blogging 21 (3.98%)
The Convergence of Blogging and Journalism 51 (9.66%)
Blogging in Academia 39 (7.39%)
Blogs and Social Software 34 (6.44%)
Building Traffic for Your Blog 39 (7.39%)
Blogosphere Tools - Technorati, PubSub, Feedster, etc. 29 (5.49%)
The Future of Weblogs 60 (11.36%)
News Aggregators and Consuming RSS 28 (5.30%)
Generating Income from Blogging 31 (5.87%)
Collaborative Web Sites - Wikis, Weblogs, etc. 44 (8.33%)

Any other comments (suggestions for venues, topics, keynote speakers, etc)?
1 UBC @ Robson Square could be a good venue, depending on the cost -- I've been to a presentation there and the seating, layout & technical setup seemed good. I think I'd definitely be most excited about this if it directly related to my work (as a web developer), i.e. if I thought it could give me something that would be of value to my clients in the for-profit & non-profit communities.
2 Hi Darren, I answered "no"to the first 2 questions mainly because of the distance and expense. I am considering a trip to the west later this year and if the timing were right, I'd be keen on this. Hey, make me a keynote speaker and pay my way and I'll be there in a flash. :-) I've been thinking of something similar for Toronto. Cheers, Jim Elve
3 I checked leading a session, but I'm thinking you may want to have panel lead sessions, particularly where political blogging is concerned to cover different points of view. Panels (if they makes sense) would also put less of a workload on a single individual. James Burns
4 This is a great idea! On question 4 (cost) I'd actually only be prepared to pay no more than $25 but that wasn't a listed option... On question six I'd rather help organize the conference than lead a session.
5 Great idea.... Please keep me informed.
6 Will write more to you, Darren, as I think of it.
7 Keynote speaker: Darren Barefoot :P Otherwise, maybe Belinda Stronach or Paul Martin would like to speak about their adventures in "blogging".
8 There was no $25 option.
9 creative non-fiction and blogging, perhaps?
10 I would like to see a few more topics regarding the social aspects of blogging, such as the ongoing evolution of blogging and how it affects and creates communities. Things like flash mobs, Geocaching, etc. and their relation to blogs really fascinate me. On the other hand, it's also nice to be able to understand RSS and aggregation systems and their ongoing changes. I'd really like to see someone give a complete cross-section of how aggregating works and how one could implement feeds themselves (via Perl, PHP, etc.) rather than relying on pre-built tools.
11 To me, blogging is something any muppet can do, and something a lot of muppets do...I can count 2-3 local weblogs worth reading that are out there. A lot of what you might want to know about blogging is pretty accessible, and there'd be a lot of oddballs who blog about their mundane lives there who have equally useless things to say in-person...there's no craft to bring them together. The conference topics might be worth a pop-by for a 5-10 dollar fee if I was bored though.
12 I would absolutely love to come if I'm still in town, however I'm going to be moving back to the prairies in the summer sometime.
13 i'm not sure what i would be leading a session of.. but i have a few years of blogging experience with CMS, 9 years if you count my first site without CMS. i've been using moveable type primarily. mena trott and ben trott would be awesome keynote speakers. i'd come just for the two of them.
14 Simon Fraser Harbour Centre, any Richmond hotel Conference Centre. some of the professional associations might be interested in pitching in as well. If this gets off the ground, hey I'll help.
15 Maybe the UBC or SFU downtown campuses might be interested in participating (and might rent out space) or another option would be the Vancouver Public Library. All of the above offer lectures and forums, so they've got to have some sort of space that would be useful. There are also community centres and small venues like the WISE hall, and the Unitarian Church also rents out its social space. The Unitarian church complex has several mid-sized rooms, and may let us use a couple of them so we could have several sessions going at once. The church is at Oak & 49th, one bus from downtown. In general, my preference is a downtown venue, but I'll go anywhere bussable if I have to.
16 It's a reasonably good idea, but it would be fantastic if developed well. I would suggest a panel around the different kinds of blogger communities (from, say, daily general-interest blogging to specialty sites to thematic ones a la Vaneats), and different purposes of blogging. Furthermore, Darren, I'd be happy to talk with you about sponsorship I could mobilize: I'm thinking expressly of UBC and SFU.
17 I'd love to read an online version of a weblog conference. ;-) I just live too far (8 hour drive) and have too little money to attend. Good luck, I'm sure tons of Vancouverites would love it.
18 Is this a "BC Only" event, or, could it be a "Western Canada" thing... or...? Another topic could be about privacy and blogging - saying things you regret, anonymity... not sure of the "nugget" there, but for someone who has 4 blogs (one public, personal; one public, corporate; two private/anonymous - one 'business', one, 'mother-should-not-ever-know') It's an issue I have come across not only in my own blog-life, but also know others... Another FYI - I edited the e-book 10 Quick Steps to Blogging at - the author, Brian Hoff is in Surrey (if I remember correctly). Let me know if we should all talk. I will be in Vancouver the evening of April 14 and on the 15th if you would like to do any planning/brainstorming. If there are any preferences/suggestions on dates being taken, if September 29th to October 4th could be avoided - I'm trying to get to Ghomedex ;-)
19 How about Cap College in late summer? Lots of space, lots of computers!
20 I think this is a good idea. I think there should be more options for maximum amount I would pay in your survey. I wouldn't pay 50 bucks but I'd pay like 10 bucks! Go luck!
21 should be kept casual, should be $25 or less, would be dissapointing to see that everyone is middle age white males and for that fear i might hesitate to come.
22 Would be interested in a session on blogging as a social and community building tool as well.
23 A topic to consider: blogging ettiquet (sppp????)
24 hmm - i guess something like this would require a bit of organization - but i suspect that a grassroots approach might work very well. for instance, i know that often bloggers will announce they are 'in town' or 'eating lunch somewhere' and invite people to join. why not start a monthly meetup of vancouver bloogers to start with?
25 I'm always game for new ideas & broadening horizons.
26 Downtown would probably be good, though more expensive, for anyone coming from out of town. We have a number of high-profile bloggers in the city (Dave Shea, Tim Bray, et. al.) who might make good speakers.
27 Great idea
28 I'm more interested in the social commentary/new medium aspect, smearing the boundary between public and private lives yada yada.
29 Blogging and IM/IRC Blogging with Atom API Tools

Statistics of respondents: Countries
Network 65 (67.71%)
Unresolved 18 (18.75%)
Canada 8 (8.33%)
Commercial 4 (4.17%)
Educational 1 (1.04%)

Statistics of respondents: OS Types
Windows XP 50 (52.08%)
Windows NT 3 (3.12%)
Windows 98 10 (10.42%)
Windows 95 1 (1.04%)
Windows 2000 12 (12.50%)
PowerPC 4 (4.17%)
Macintosh 13 (13.54%)
Linux 3 (3.12%)

Statistics of respondents: Browsers
Unknown browser 8 (8.33%)
Opera 3 (3.12%)
Netscape 5.x 35 (36.46%)
IE Explorer 6.x 50 (52.08%)

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