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Darren Barefoot
Darren Barefoot


Creative Writing

In addition to my work as a technical writer, I have written in a variety of more creative capacities. The following are information about and samples of that work:

  • I wrote this short essay on playwriting for a grant application.

  • The following are a sample monologue and scene from a play entitled The Secret Matinee.

  • I am a member of and have completed workshops with the Playright's Theatre Centre in Vancouver, BC.

  • In Victoria, I wrote a back-page column for a monthly computer magazine called Computing Plus. This column about early video games was one of my favourites.

  • In spring of 2000, I was invited to workshops mentored by Eugene Stickland at the BC Festival of the Arts in Nelson, BC.

  • Participated in and contributed written work to projects including 29 Plays in 59 Minutes, The One Minute Play Competition and The 24 Hour Play Project.

  • In 1998, I received a $1000 grant from the BC Arts Council, via Intrepid Theatre, to assist me in re-writing a full-length play.