Welcome to Flowers for Al and Don

How did this idea start?

On the afternoon of February 19, 2004, on Boing Boing, I read about this great idea. Basically, people are generously sending flowers to random gay couples waiting in line to get married in San Francisco. This is a brilliant idea, but I immediately recognized a problem. The flower shop cited, Flowers by the Bay, is apparently charging a minimum of US $47 to deliver these flowers. That's probably market value, but it's a bit steep for individuals who might want to help out (particularly if they're paying in Canadian dollars or other weaker currencies) but can't spare fifty bucks.

How do I donate?

To donate, you'll need a PayPal account. I'm afraid that I can't afford payment in another format. To donate, click on the button below.

Am I trustworthy?

Good question. Well, I've had an online presence for a few years, I'm a partner in this company and my email address, snail mail address and phone number are posted on my site and at the bottom of this page. So, if I screw everybody, you know where to come and beat me up (or get this woman to do so on your behalf. If you're concerned, give me a call to verify my trustworthiness. I'll provide detailed records of expenditures, and hopefully get some photos of the flowers being distributed. If anybody else has any other quality trustworthiness metrics, let me know.

Can you add/change/remove my name or include a URL on your Thanks list once I've made a donation?
No problem. Just email me at flowers@darrenbarefoot.com and let me know.

What happens if there's a stay in the proceedings?
If, for legal reasons, the city of San Francisco stops peforming weddings for same-sex couples, here's the plan:
1. Hold the money for week to guage what will happen next.
2. If there's no progress after a week, I'll give people two options:
a) Donate the money to an appropriate Bay-area charity.
b) Return the money to the donator.

Are you some kind of gay activist?

Despite my love of musicals, I'm straight and (what's more) Canadian. I do believe that any two people, regardless of gender or sexual preference, have the right to civil union.

Who are Al and Don?
They're an imaginary gay couple getting married in San Francisco. The name is a pun on a popular science-fiction novel called Flowers for Algernon.


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