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Professional Speaker on Digital Strategy and Social Media

In addition to my work as a technologist and marketer, I regularly do presentations, seminars and hands-on workshops. These generally focus on digital strategy, social media and emerging technology. In fact, I recently co-authored a book on social media marketing.

My presentations are energetic, interactive and based in the real world, using concrete examples often drawn from the audience. Before I got into technology and marketing, I completed a BFA in Theatre, so I know how to perform–to seize an audience’s attention and hold it. My presentations tell stories, and my slides set the scenes.

I’ve also worked as a technical writer, so it’s second nature for me to translate geek speak to plain English.

Common Speaking Topics

Here are some topics I’ve recently spoken on:

  • Beyond Twitter and Facebook: Inventing Memorable Viral Campaigns
    You’re gathering fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve tweaked your site so that it’s social media ready. And you’ve even successfully invited some bloggers to check out your products and services. What’s next? And now that your competitors have jumped on the social media marketing train, how can you continue to differentiate yourself?
  • Social Media Marketing For a Multi-Screen World
    There are an estimated 4.6 billion cell phones and other mobile devices across the planet. Teenagers send an average of about 100 text messages a day. The iPhone (and, maybe, the iPad) has disrupted what we understood to be a cellular telephone. This half-day workshop explains how web-savvy marketers can best take advantage of the convergence of our always-connected society and social media.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing
  • Real-world stories and case studies about the seven most deadly risks of web-based public relations.
  • 1100 Stacies
    Social responsibility and how to do (more) good on the Web. Watch the video.

Here is a talk I gave at the Digital Not-Profit Conference:


Where I Speak

I’ve talked to five people in a boardroom, and 500 people in a ballroom. Here are some of the organizations and companies that I’ve presented to:

  • American Marketing Association
  • BC Association of Integrated Marketers
  • Business Objects
  • Canadian Education Centre Network
  • Canada NewsWire
  • Canada School of Public Service
  • Canadian Public Relations Society
  • Cizitenship and Immigration Canada
  • Dell Canada
  • Gnomedex
  • Internet Marketing Conference
  • Interpretation Canada
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • Mesh
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • New Ventures BC
  • Public Relations Society of America
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Translink
  • University of British Columbia

Where I’m Speaking

Recent and upcoming public speaking engagements include:


A few nice things that people have said about my talks:

“Darren is an engaging, humorous, confident and charismatic speaker. He spoke at a social media conference that my business network hosted in May 2012 and he was most certainly the highlight of the day! He delivers relevant information in a way that is memorable and fun for the audience. We had amazing feedback on Darren and we would highly recommend him for any other speaking engagements or keynotes.”

–Carol McBee, iMedia

“The conference was centred around marketing strategies for online PC backup and sharing services. Darren very effectively complemented this main theme with an insightful talk about the trends in social media and what it means for a modern marketing organization. Casero’s customers are all in the technology sector, but even these executives are often mired down in day-to-day issues and struggle to see the implications of recent social media developments.

With abundant use of examples and metaphors, Darren clearly has a knack for explaining complex topics in a simple and humourous manner. Conference attendees vigorously scribbled notes as Darren spoke – and unanimously gave feedback that Darren’s presentation was insightful and a welcome addition to the event’s agenda.”

–Michael Silverman, Casero

It’s important to the High Tech Communicators Exchange that we deliver topics that are forward looking, practical and entertaining. As a feature speaker at our HTCE sessions, Darren delivers this in spades. He knows his topic and provides great insights into Web 2.0 and social networking and relates it to day-to-day marketing and communications. When he’s billed as our feature speaker, he draws a big crowd.

–Catherine Ducharme, HTCE

I sought out Darren to speak at Content Convergence and Integration 2008 because of his background, bridging the worlds of technical and marketing communications and social media, and his ability to see and explain trends. He delivered a workshop that presented some hard truths, and radical changes for their profession. He did so in a way that kept participants both engaged and excited about their futures. Darren is a valuable resource to any organization that needs a presenter with a clear and interesting style.

–Rahel Bailie, Content Convergence