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In addition to my work as a technologist and marketer, I regularly do presentations, seminars and hands-on workshops. These generally focus on marketing, social media, blogs and emerging technology. In fact, I recently completed a book on social media marketing.

My presentations are energetic, interactive and based in the real world, using concrete examples often drawn from the audience. Before I got into technology and marketing, I completed a BFA in Theatre, so I know how to perform--to seize an audience's attention and hold it. My presentations tell stories, and my slides set the scenes.

I've also worked as a technical writer, so it's second nature for me to translate geek speak to plain English.

Common Speaking Topics

Here are some topics I've recently spoken on:

Where I Speak

I've talked to five people in a boardroom, and 500 people in a ballroom. Here are some of the organizations and companies that I've presented to:

Where I'm Speaking Next

Upcoming speaking engagements include:

Why I Speak

I got my first dual disc drive IBM PC in 1986, and I've been passionate about technology ever since. While I write about technology professionally and personally, there's no replacing the thrill I get from speaking to and learning from a live audience. I love simplifying the complex--rejigging a metaphor so that the light bulb goes off in somebody's head. That may sound a bit twee, but it's the truth.

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To book Darren at your next conference or corporate event, contact Julie Szabo at 604-771-7384 or julie@capulet.com.


"An entertaining and enlightening walk through the comparative social value of many of the different kinds of volunteer activities and contributions people make on the Net to try to improve the world."
--Scott Rosenberg, co-founder, Salon.com

"Darren's presentation to the Western States Arts Federation on all things Web 2.0 was smart, witty, and extremely helpful to our organization. He is a great listener, synthesizer, and raconteur, as well as a solid strategic thinker. He clearly enjoys sharing his knowledge, and this made our all-day session fly by. I can't remember a time when I've had more fun learning what's next in technology."
--Len Edgerly, WESTAF

"Darren presented a couple ninety-minute seminars on blogging for me. He was an excellent presenter and always got above average evaluations from the small business people that attended his seminars."
--Rob Lewis, Webnames.ca

"Darren has great insights and the ability to ask the right questions. As a communications consultant, I highly recommend Capulet for blogging advice and services. You can feel totally confident introducing him to your clients and/or contracting his services for your own needs."
--Della Smith, Quay Strategies