Darren Barefoot
Darren Barefoot


Technical Writing

While I have worked as a writer in a variety of capacities, my focus is on technical writing. This page includes links to my technical writing resume and samples from my salaried positions and contract work.

I'm currently a partner in Capulet Communications, a professional communications company. Read about our services and clients and don't miss our weblog.

My technical writing resume is available in the following formats:

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of these documents. To install this program, go to www.adobe.com.

  • At Cape Clear Software, I write a variety of user documentation for a suite of Web Services products. These excerpts from a user's guide--a high-level product introduction and a detailed integration procedure--demonstrate my versatility (in addition to writing these chapters, I also created all of the images) and ability to articulate both the abstract and the minute.

  • Devised, coordinated, wrote and edited the Meridian Project Pack Getting Started Guide, a 130-page introductory manual for MPS's major product suite. This manual coincided with my decision to focus on online documentation, a choice that saved the company an estimated $40,000 in printing costs. This excerpt contains three chapters regarding MPS's flagship product.

  • This WebHelp system is the first-generation documentation accompanying MPS's new ASP service, ProjectTalk.com. As it was developed very quickly, this was "triage" documentation. My goal was first and foremost to address some specific questions that users had.
  • The following are articles that I have written for industry journals, including Intercom and the IEEE Professional Communication Society Newsletter. Because these journals are not available online, I have provided the text in PDF format. Click the first page of the articles below to view them.

    The following articles will appear in forthcoming journals:

    Intercom, February, 2002
    IEEE-PCS Newsletter, April, 2002

  • I completed a writing project for Black Box Games, a game development company. Heading up a team of four writers, we developed scripts for Sega Soccer Slam, a video game for the Microsoft XBox console. We wrote (and I edited) over 10,000 comments that were spoken by in-game characters.
  • Writing procedures to document features or explain workarounds was one of my most frequently performed tasks at MPS. This technical bulletin was an occasion where I had to try to clarify a confusing procedure for the user. In this case, I helped to resolve the programming side of the issue, which explains why this bulletin is only applicable to certain release builds of the products.