Webservile News

This page provides news about ths site, recognizes and reciprocates links, and credits those who have submitted suggestions:

  • [November 5, 2002] We've been rather delinquent over the past month. Our goal is going to be one new story every two weeks. Or at least twice a month. We'll see how it goes.
  • [November 4, 2002] Added a new article: Sales Team Achieves UnHoly Troika: Porn, Guns and Heroin and some new Web services we'd like to see.
  • [October 17, 2002] Thank you Otiose Cognitions for the link.
  • [October 9, 2002] Added a new article: Web Services Unable to Connect Legacy System with Spork.
  • [October 9, 2002] Thanks to all of the people who suggested Web services we'd like to see. There are too many to name (we've had over fifty!), but keep them coming. We'll post a few new ones every few days.
  • [October 7, 2002] It may not be very cool to gleefully report the number of site visitors (particularly when they're not six digit numbers), but we're right chuffed (and amazed) to have had 2795 visitors today. That includes 149 hits from the Czech Republic--you Systinet boys, get back to work.
  • [October 6, 2002] Thanks to Colin Adam for the mention on Webservices.org.
  • [October 5, 2002] Xmlhack mentioned us in their news wire.
  • [October 4, 2002] Props to Chris Sells at Sells Brothers.
  • [October 4, 2002] We had 1632 visitors today!
  • [October 3, 2002] Sam Ruby likes our .NET story.
  • [October 3, 2002] TheServerSide thinks we're "well worth the visit."
  • [October 1, 2002] Site launched.


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