October 1, 2002

Webmorphic Celebrates One Gazillionith Query to Web Service

Just days after its public release, Web services innovators ServeMoi.com announced that their innovative Web Service SOAP2HTML has had one gazillion queries. The service's usage has taken the Web services community by storm, flooding the ServeMoi server with requests.

ServeMoi spokesperson Al Hypko explained how their ground-breaking Web service works. "The genuis of SOAP2HTML is in its simplicity. The user sends us a query that contains something called a Uniform Resource Locator or URL. This URL is the indicator or 'address' of a page of information. We then return a SOAP message that contains the requested information in a format known as 'HTML.' I'm not sure what that stands for."

"Then," Hypko continued, "this HTML information is displayed in the user's Web browser, so that he or she can read it. Incredible, eh?" Hypko gives the lion's share of the credit for SOAP2HTML to the ServeMoi lead developer, Ellroy McKeane.

McKeane describes the origin of the idea: "We were all sittin' round the pub the other night when I had this idea. I lept up from the table and spilled everybody's pints. The lads were a touch miffed, but cooled off once I told them about SOAP2HTML. Then they were happy as a sandboy."

McKeane is recognized as a leading Web services visionary. "With services like SOAP2HTML", he said, "people will someday be able to buy books and order plane tickets online. Imagine that, would ya?"

The ServeMoi developer gave a sneak preview of the next killer-ap to come out of ServeMoi. "We're thinking of doing something around asynchronous Web services. Imagine if you could send some kind of electronic message from one computer to another. We're thinking of calling it 'e-mail.'"

    Web Services Visionary, Ellroy McKeane


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