Addicted to novelty since 2001

Regular readers may recall my failed attempts to volunteer for various organizations over the summer. Things haven’t really improved, but I have discovered an option that is promising. To quote myself:

I don’t want to be Envelope Stuffer #64 for the rest of my days. I don’t mind starting out that way, but I imagine it’s tricky to climb the volunteer org chart at, say, Greenpeace.

Let’s be honest, I don’t want to be Envelope Stuffer #64 at all. offers a nifty alternative. It helps match interested volunteers from the business world with non-profit organizations and charities looking for board members. I attended an orientation seminar last night that was professional, cogent and, most importantly, efficient. I’m definitely going to sign up and keep my eye out for an environmental NGO that interests me.

Having run a non-profit in the past, I have some insight into the difficulties of finding committed, valuable board members. If you know anyone in the non-profit sector, pass this on to them. I expect they’ll thank you.