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The Face of Little Death

Every once in a while, I have a good idea and don’t act on it. This is because I’m too lazy or too busy to do anything about it. Like the invention of the telescope, however, other people have the same idea at the same time.

For example, at roughly the same time, myself and Darren Aronofsky read a fascinating article in the New Yorker about two zaney Russians who had converted their apartment into a super-computer and were searching for God in a billion digits of pi. We both thought this would make for good drama. I wrote a play and never produced it. He wrote a much cleverer film, produced it and has since become a successful director. I used to be bitter, but I’m over it.

There have been some others, I suspect, but I can’t really remember them now. There is, of course, my idea for chocolate-covered pretzels. Are those commerically available yet? I gave my idea for a new consulting service–computer mortician–to the public domain last year.

Other times, though, I’m just pleased that someone else has devised what I couldn’t (or couldn’t be arsed). This idea came to me after reading Nicholson Baker’s excellent Vox and being involved in an theatrical adaptation of it (truly, some of the weirdest rehearsals I’ve ever experienced and a good story, but another time). In it, one of the characters says “if any woman anywhere has an orgasm, I want to know.” Additionally, the character fixates on the faces of the women in pornographic magazines. He’s constantly evaluating their veracity of their apparent pleasure, and usually disappointed.

That got me thinking about making a site that only shows people’s faces during orgasm. No nudity, per se. Just their faces. I wasn’t sure if it would sell, frankly. Plus, there’s the difficult job of separating the (many, many) fakers from the real ones. Plus, you know, I didn’t want to go into porn.

However, the people who run beautiful agony did (or do, as it were). They’re just a bunch of videos of the faces of people in mid-climax. They provide no certificates of authenticity, so you’ll have to judge for yourself (there are a couple brief free previews). They look pretty convincing to me. I think that this site is safe, but possibly unsuitable for work.

3 Responses to “The Face of Little Death”

  1. alexis

    Chocolate covered pretzels are available.

    Also, there’s a site called real or fake, where you can guess if someone’s facial expression is the result of an orgasm or something else. I’ll post the link later.

  2. Y.

    Long ago in my pipedream of being a photographer, I planned that exact exhibit – photos of peoples’ faces during orgasm. (Unfortunately I don’t have a camera nor would I know where to find the “subjects”.)

  3. bruce

    Yup, chocolate covered pretzels are commercially available. Available in California, at least, at the Trader Joe’s chain.

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