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Again, No Thumbs

I have a strange, nearly-fetishistic interest in Olympic mascots. I can’t really explain it, but their bizarre, designed-by-committeeness is kind of fascinating to me. In particular, it’s remarkable how the results turn out to be profoundly idiotic. You may recall that I previously wrote about Phevos and Athena, the pear-shaped reps for the Athens Olympics (is there a rule that mascots musn’t have thumbs?) With that preface, I give you Neve and Gliz, the mascots the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin:

A panel of judges selected Neve, who is red and represents snow, and Gliz, sky blue and symbolizing ice, from more than 200 entrants. The two appeared in a cartoon animation before puppets of the characters hopped onto the stage, dancing and kissing guests.

Those nutty Italians. Any discussion of Olympic mascots, of course, requires a reference to Springy. I discovered Neve and Gliz via this amusing Fark Photoshop contest. Figure skating fans will appreciate this one.

5 Responses to “Again, No Thumbs”

  1. Jen

    Hmm… red snow. I suppose it’s fitting that the games are in Italy then. The image immediately conjured up in my mind when I hear “Red Snow” is one of a mafioso hit in February. Or perhaps I’m still plotting the demise of the movie talker…

  2. filmgoerjuan

    I dread, DREAD to think what monstrosity is going to be foisted on us for the 2010 games.

    Some combination of Orca and Raven, in faux-Native cartoonishness. Perhaps smothered in maple syrup (because really, what screams out Canadian more than maple syrup).


  3. julie

    filmgoerjuan: Canadian Bacon. I don’t think poutine has enough of following yet.

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