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Track Your Money

Yesterday I withdrew some money and received this bill, which featured the URL The site (with its tacky, tacky ads), is dedicated to tracking Canadian currency. It’s a competitor, I suppose, to Where’s Willy, a site I wrote about last year (cousing of Where’s George).

I entered in this bill, and found that it had originally been ‘launched’ on June 5, 2004, in a taxi in Quesnel, BC.

UPDATE: What are the freakin’ odds of that? I received that $20 bill yesterday. When I bought a Slurpee today, I received a $5 bill with stamped on it. This bill was ‘launched’ a month ago in Burnaby.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? ‘Keep track of your money.’ Or, maybe, ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money.’

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  1. Les

    I have a $5.00 dollar bill got it at tim Hortons
    Steinbach MB, #AAE7788772

  2. Tara welsh

    Five Dollar bill at Wendells restaurant Virden MB :) so cool xx

  3. Harv

    Saw the $5 at a lodge lunch in Sudbury On Oct 2nd 2012. Must be more than one floating around.

  4. ken

    I received a $5 “where’s willy” bill from a gas
    station in High River, AB.

  5. Stella

    I have a whereswilly $10.00 bill that I received at the Montague Credit Union / Prince Edward Island/ after cashing a cheque on October 12/ 2012… anyone know where the bill Originates from or who started “See Where I’ve been / Track Where I go at”?

    Stella of PEI

  6. Rosa

    Where is willy was in my hand for the past week in toronto I received it from the hot dog syand bear yonge and dundas! And my friend browed it to pay for a go bus! It might be on the way to hamilton;)

  7. Joanne

    I come from the north and was visiting in Toronto this past week, and for change received a where’s willy 5 dollar bill serial # AAE5962234.I got it at the ticket booth across from The Eaton’s Center. I will be probably spending it in Timmins Ontario. Anxious to see where it will end up.

  8. Lydia

    I found a whereswilly 5 dollar bill in my bills I had he’s here in Duncan bc # ape9504036 first time I found one great idea who ever started this.

  9. Steve

    5$ Bill picked up at DECH Hospital (Fredericton NB) parking lot attendant booth, only with me for a short time – traded it for a Tim Hortons coffee and some change on Canada St in Fredericton NB. Sorry did not get serial number. Stamped in red, front and back!

    brian judd Reply:

    Hi its Jan. 3rd 2013 , im in Edmonton Alberta . and just gave the $10 bill…BFB0023388

  10. Giuliano Mastronardi

    Hello today January 6 2013 I got a 5 dollar bill from the supermarket and it”s brand new,it says HELP TRACK THIS BANK NOTE ACROSS OUR GREAT LAND FOLLOW THE JOURNEY AT http://WWW.WHERE IS WILLY.COM,,THE SERIAL NUMBER IS AAD1816990 and from what I can see on the picture, the mascot is a squirrel and is on skies,I looked a it very closely with a magnified glass,bye Giuliano.

    Giuliano Mastronardi Reply:

    I forgot to say I’m in Waterloo,Ontario,bye Giulano.

  11. lynne

    got my $5.00 with on it at Metro, Heartlake town centre. Brampton

  12. Melissa

    I just found a $10.00 bill in my pocket, not sure where it came from, but it had I live in New Glasgow Nova Scotia. The serial # is BTZ4728183.

  13. Big V94

    just saw this bill this morning.
    i’m in london ontario..
    $5 bill- last 4 # 5733
    unreal seeing postings from 2005 !!

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