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60 Different Beers

On Saturday, it was the 60th birthday of a good friend of my Dad. As a present, my father went out and procured 60 different beers, from the mundane to the exotic:

5 Responses to “60 Different Beers”

  1. alexis

    I do not drink beer, but my favourite beer bottle is Lal Toofan, an Indian beer that has a yellow and pink and orange design with flaming eagles and camels on it. Very cool!

  2. daisy

    any time limit set for when they must all be drunk by? eg. 60 beers in 60 days…oooh, 60 beers in 60 minutes – takes me back to university days

  3. summer

    i like beef but ive never tried beef stew it sounds pretty good but im uncertain how if ill like it or not

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