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Does Advil Give Anybody Else Crazy Dreams?

I’m feeling under the weather again. I’m certainly not a pleasure delayer, but I am traditionally a big illness delayer. Now that Northern Voice is more or less wrapped up, I’ve got a little time to be sick. Of course, I probably just caught it from one of the hundred-odd hands I shook on Friday and Saturday.

I was reminded, about four hours too late, that Advil gives me insane dreams. I’ll spare you details–nothing is more boring than hearing about other people’s dreams–but suffice it to say they were Carollesque in their technicolor weirdness.

I don’t drink or take drugs, so maybe Advil is sufficiently mind-altering for my relatively virgin system. Does Advil affect anybody else this way?

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  1. Becca

    Advil doesn’t but Motrin makes me have the most vivid/plain out weird dreams…which is fine with me as long as there not scary

  2. ALikona

    I was very pleased to find there posting. I figured out this week there might be a connection between the way too vivid dreams and ibuprofen, and guess what, it is not just me. Good to know I can avoid Advil and sleep better

  3. Samantha

    I’ve taken advil for years, but hadn’t recently until last night. I had two of the worst dreams I have ever had..they were so vivid, and so scary. It appears that I am not alone here.Strangeness.

    Virginia Dryden Reply:

    I have had horrible, vivid dreams on Advil PM and have decided to stop taking it. I work at 13 hour shift in a law office, so I need to go to sleep at 8:30, no later than 9:00 p.m. because I have to wake at 3:30 a.m. and be at work at 5:00 a.m. I have been taking Advil PM for years to help me drop off to sleep, but over the past year or so, the dreams have become so vivid and very strange — some creepy.

  4. charlie

    I have taken Advil or ibuprofen off and on for many years, have had none of the mentioned weird dreams…………until the last year or so. If I take it now I have some of the worst scary dreams I ever had. I even know its happening and can’t stop it. Also wake up with a hangover feeling? Is this a change in the product, for age or what?

  5. marcos

    I’m Hypothyroid, is anyone else?
    maybe the missing TSH hormone in the body is causing the Ibuprofen to give us bad dreams.
    maybe we can’t break down the meds properly because of this… feedback please, these dreams are a trip. worse med I’ve ever taken.

  6. Shawn

    Advil PM gives me weird dreams too. They are much more vivid and memorable than my regular dreams. Nothing horrific but just very odd and unusual. I take one Advil PM almost nightly and a Lunesta when I really need to catch up on my sleep. Other sleep aids haven’t had this effect but they make my mouth and sinuses dry so I stick with the Advil.

  7. Dream Architect

    If you are reading this now, you are still in a dream. You cannot wake up until you find me. They call me the Dream Architect, because I can lengthen or shorten dreams, and rescue those deserving. Find me… my name is Cain in this dream world and I have an e-mail that should work in this dream. I will get you out. This is a dream, do not believe it, and also… do not die in here.

  8. Duck

    I started to get anxiety attacks in my sleep due to the most terrifying dreams, I’ve been taking 800mg through out the day to help with tension in my back that will turn into a nasty headache if I don’t, but I’ve been going down hill over the last couple of years (when this all started)due to lack of sleep, dreaming all night long. Some nights I’ll have to or three panic attacks just after waking up and tonight same thing very bad dreams, its 4:46 am and I can’t sleep cause of it. So I thought the one constant in all this is the 800 mg of Advil cold and sinus that I took just before bed tonight Doctor prescribed. I’m stopping and going to rid this !@#$ out of my body for a couple of weeks and see if this improves. Sound like the garbage is the best place for these pills. I know I never used to be like this. wow just thought I’d google advil and dreams see what comes up, I think that the proof is in all the posts on differents sites.

  9. Pauly

    Like many people had said here, I’m glad to find out that it’s not just me. I only take advil for two reasons… One, if I actually have a fever, or two, if I can’t sleep due to being too wound up. I suffer from anxiety and deal with panic attacks. I’ve found through sheer luck that taking a single Advil will allow me to calm down and fall asleep. I’ve told a nurse this once and he said it was likely a placebo effect, but I don’t think so.

    But on to the dreams… This single 200mg Advil gives me dreams that are vivid, epic (sometimes seeming to last for days in a single night), violent, and sometimes evil. The subjects are usually apocalyptic involving aliens or demons attacking us and I’m chased a lot. When fighting in the dreams, I usually kick some major ass, but my opponent won’t get knocked out or die.

    Another scary thing is what typically happens to me while on my way to dreamland. Sometimes it kind of feels like my heart is slowing down or stopping and that someone uses a defibrillator to start it back up. My body will jump up a good inch from the bed, waking me up.

    All of this from a single pill of Advil.

    I find it both scary and interesting at the same time. When I awake in the morning after an Advil night, I feel like I actually went somewhere else. These dreams are so incredible that I can’t believe that my mind alone was the only cause of them. There had to be something else. I couldn’t possibly conjure up everything I see and hear in these dreams. I really feel like I open up a portal to somewhere else.

  10. Casey

    Same here.. I thought I was crazy and the only one.. I took 2 advil PM a couple nights ago and woke up scared from the dream I had.. It was soo vivid and scary and real feeling. it was about a creepy guy breaking into my house and the details I remembered when I woke up were so creepy I could describe the guy in detail. Usually I cant remember much about my dreams or when I do I can tell its a dream, when I take advil PM my dreams feel way to real and scary :(

  11. Janet

    I thought it was just me!! I have CRAZY dreams when I take even 1 advil pm. Glad to know I am not alone..

  12. Lester

    I have been on Dr. prescribed 600mg every 4 hours since 10/07/11 due to a muscle pull and have noticed my dreams are different and or more memorable than usual.

  13. kbh

    Ditto me.

    To the naysayers, remember: just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to *anybody*. And no, this information would not necessarily be automatically included on a label. It takes folks a while to make a connection between action and consequence, so subjects in a study wouldn’t necessarily report crazy dreams to the researchers unless asked, and why would the researchers ask?

    Even if the effect was reported the researchers might brush it off, especially if it appeared only a small section of the population. After all, it was on the internet for some time that aspartame seemed to cause short-term memory loss in a small section of the population, but did you ever see that info on a label? nope, aspartame just quietly disappeared and was replaced by sucralose almost entirely…

    So: it happens to me, and I try to remember to avoid ibuprofen. The end.

  14. Frank

    I came to this website to see if anyone else has had vivid dreams after taking Ibuprofen. Hmm, very interesting.
    My vivid dreams are not scary so far, just very sexy. I must be the only lucky one.

  15. Jeff

    I can’t believe all of these people are having the same, weird dreams. I’m never really afraid in my dreams on advil or tylenol pm, but they sure are strange. Some is exploring dungeons and dragons style labyrinths (which I haven’t played in a decade), whereas others tend to be rather carnal. Like boning my girlfriend’s hot sister. And it feels so real doing the nasty! If I only take one pill, the dreams seem more normal and tolerable, but still weird.

  16. nikkimarie

    Wow…I looked this up bc I was just terrified by a dream I had…I woke up at about 3 am to take a advil for pain….I usually don’t use the stuff but wanted to get back to sleep…not even hours later I was having a dream that I bent down to give my lil sister a hug…I was saying good bye for some reason and all of a sudden she grabs me by my mouth I look at her and she’s like a soulless creature of some sort and I kept saying get off me…I woke saying this and my chest hurt I felt as if I was dying ….wth is this from the advil? Bc I did not like it and am scared to go back to sleep bc of it …..

  17. ekull25

    I have been having the CRAZIEST dreams lately. I took 2 Advil PMs last night and, sure enough, a completely whacked out dream this morning! The dreams don’t seem to be scary, but they are very very weird and very realistic. Also, I seem to remember most of the dream when I wake.

  18. Angelique

    Ive had srsly craaaazy dreams on advil. LIKE LAST NIGHT i took advil before i went to sleep and i dreamt that someone cut open my friend Alex’s chest, then suddenly he started laughing in a crazy fashion saying, “You think that’ll kill me?!?!” and reached into his chest, pulled out his heart and threw it at me. IT WAS SCARRRY AS HELL and it was all soo vivid! I rarely ever remember any of my dreams.. in fact, i never really have dreams. And while sleeping, of course i had many dreams.. just before that i imagined i got shot in the hand by some robber that broke into a classroom, and i srsly felt it too. I’m tellin ya, creepy stuff man. hahaha

  19. kevin

    Last night I was a blacksmith in scotland

    I only take 1/2 of an advil PM ,Every night is interesting.

    Patricia Reply:

    I’ve been taking Advil PM for longer than I should because I suffer from insomnia. I wake up in the middle of the night and my face is covered with sweat. The reason I wake up is because I can feel some creature strangling me to death. I tell the creature to leave me alone in the name of Jesus but all the creature does is laugh (evil laugh) and disappear. Once I’m fully awake I’m terrified and don’t want to go to sleep again. So I got ambien pills and they don’t cause any problems with wierd reality style dreams. The problem is is doesn’t feel like dreaming. It feels like someone is really in my room at night. So I probably won’t be taking Advil PM again anytime soon. I’ve never had trouble taking regular advil but this PM stuff…yikes it is scary.

  20. Daisy

    I too just figured out the correlation between nightmares and Advil. After waking up during last nights nightmare, going back to sleep only to have the dream continue, I thought I’d see if anyone else has nightmares from taking Advil. Now that I have it figured out, no more Advil for me!! (I’m darn tired as I’ve been up since 2:30 am. )

  21. Carigis

    Similar experience to Sarah above from a few years ago. Woke up with sleep paralysis mixed In with dreamin about some family having drugged me and began looting the house after we took them in for the night in the dream.

    I would alternate from waking up to sleep paralysis to back in dream of same exact room but people looting it and picture frames taken down furniture moved ect…. So I get up to confront them and pass out the wake up on couch again.. Try to regain my energy and repeat..Happened like 50 times seemed to go on for hours. I felt like I was really being held hostage..the house would get more and more looted every time. Really wierd

    Next night was a very vivid virtual reality type dream with extreme deja vu.. Both were after having to take Advil at like 4 am.

    Probably has to do with the Advil getting rid of your pain ect. So your hitting a really deep sleep compared to normally a light one from the pain. Exhaustion + deep sleep.

  22. Sarah

    YES- My dreams are completely wild. Like- totally insane. It is as if I am off in another world.

    I took two Advil and then laid down for a nap. Normally my naps are around 30 mins, but when I take Advil, it’s like I am sucked into another dimension for almost two hours. I always try to wake up or get up, but some force pulls me back into a very vivid and bizarre dream world.

  23. Jen

    I am struggling to stay awake right now because everytime I fall asleep my very realistic nightmare continues. I feel nauseated too, which I guess is from the stress of my horrible dreams. I love getting a good night sleep but I hate being so scared in these dreams. I’m up way too early and want to sleep but scared to have these dreams for the hundredth time tonight. Or it feels like it anyway. Like others said ^ the dreams feel long and so real. I try to wake up and think I’m finally awake but bad things happen again and I realize I’m still dreaming. It’s pretty freaky.

  24. Jacque

    I’m very surprised to hear that others have experienced the same thing. I took two Advil pm before going to bed last night and had the scariest creepiest dream. I woke up screaming for help. I went back to sleep and the dream continued. I won’t be taking it again.

  25. Rocky

    I didn’t have this problem with the liquid gels, but now that I’m taking the normal tablets, I noticed that I wake up with my heart pounding after having really intense dreams. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Ritalin I take during the day, but it’s scary. Once I dreamt my mom was rocking from left to right on a hospital bed, fell out, continued rocking back and forth like she was having seizures, and then was yelling someone’s name and then got up in some manic frenzy and I was so scared that i ran out into some endless hallway with random doors…. 0.0

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