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Why I Love Web-Based Software

Last summer, I sang the praises of Blinksale, an online invoicing service. We’ve been using it since then, and have been generally happy with it.

Recently–and this is why I love web-based software–they upgraded their service. They addressed my three major issues with the service–you can now track invoices, change currencies on a per-invoice basis, and see totals for any invoice view. I didn’t have to do or pay anything, and the service got better. How often does that happen?

Of course, I’ve already spotted a bug with the upgrade. When you enter an invoice date that doesn’t exist–say, February 30–the app errors out very ungracefully.

5 Responses to “Why I Love Web-Based Software”

  1. Josh Williams

    Thanks for the kind words. We’re working on the bug you mentioned. It is a bit ungraceful as you have mentioned… but should be remedied shortly. Thanks again.

  2. Tod Maffin

    I second that.

    I’ve been using Blinksale since January (a New Year’s resolution to get better organized) and it’s been excellent.

    Nice work on the upgrades folks!

  3. Jeff

    What would happen if Blinksale called it quits?

    My big fear with web-based software is not having it if the company in questions goes belly up.

  4. Darren

    Yeah, Jeff, it’s a concern, but I trust that they’d make your data available to you in some consumable form. Or they’d partner with a competitor to continue your service elsewhere.

    When I balance that minor risk against the risk of losing data because I’ve been lazy about backing up my own machine, I like my odds.

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