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Suspect Arrested in Porsche SUV Accident

Back in January, I wrote about some persistent rumours that associated former Canucks goaltender Dan Cloutier with a hit-and-run accident causing two deaths. Eventually the rumours got so loud that both the Canucks organization and the Vancouver police issued statements saying no members of the Canucks were involved.

Last Friday, police finally arrested someone in relation to the crime:

Vancouver police say Paul George Antunes was arrested in Vancouver on Thursday, within hours of a warrant being issued.

He faces two charges of criminal negligence causing death, one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and three counts of criminal hit and run.

Two of the media reports (local news and the Vancouver Sun) I’ve seen say have said something to the effect of “in the months after the crash rumours swirled that the Porsche had been driven by a member of the Vancouver Canucks.” Yet neither mentioned Cloutier.

Everyone knew that Cloutier was the subject of these rumours. It’s interesting to me that they would report the rumours, but not name Cloutier specifically. I assume this is because they fear legal action, as opposed to just being thoughtful people.

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  1. Ogrish

    Just because someone is arrested does not mean they are guilty!!

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