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David Sedaris on the Stadium Pal

Continuing with an ongoing urination device theme (see also here and here), here’s David Sedaris reading an entertaining essay about the Stadium Pal, a portable urinal. Thanks to Waxy for the link.

4 Responses to “David Sedaris on the Stadium Pal”

  1. NetChick

    I just love David Sedaris! I went to his reading in November and had the best time listening to his stories. I need to get all the books that I have of his back — Everyone has borrowed them!

  2. matt81

    His books are always very entertaining. His sister Amy is hilarious as well.

  3. Jean

    I have most of David’s CDs but can’t remember which one the “Stadium Pal” is on. I have a friend who is dealing with a catheter right now. Can anyone help me?
    Thanks, Jean in Oregon

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