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Give Sean Aiken a Job (For a Week)

Sean Aiken is well on his way to becoming Canada’s next red paperclip guy. I’ll let him introduce himself:

He’s already done a fair bit of press, and a couple of his one-week jobs have been with media outlets. Because he’s (very admirably) donating all of his earnings to the Make Poverty History campaign, he’s looking for some corporate sponsorship.

This is a no-brainer for any sizable Canadian corporation, particularly one in the job search or human resources space. It would come relatively cheap, you’d get lots of online visibility, and build up some positive karma., where art thou?

4 Responses to “Give Sean Aiken a Job (For a Week)”

  1. ianmack

    Great idea. I thought Monster or would have been on this in a second. It’s just what they need to jumpstart interest by potential career searchers.

  2. Christopher Nowak

    FOR Sean Aiken:
    Good luck with your quest to do a job a week for one year.
    I hope you do better than I did. Every time I try something new it never lasts and I just go back to my old job. I think I am hooked on my current job as a flyer inserter for life.

  3. Christopher Nowak

    Hi Sean.
    I underastand that you are in Kitchener at this time. Do not be afraid to drop me a line to say how things are going.

    Christopher Nowak

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