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My movie bar code on the wall

I just wanted to close the loop on my recent art project–making my own movie bar code. I had it block-mounted with a black edge, and it turned out very well.

If I did it again, I think I’d probably adjust the ratio so that it was more 1:3, as opposed to the 12″ inches high by 48″ inches long that this one is. Then I could do three movies and hang them one on top of the other (with some space in between), and they’d form a rough square.

7 Responses to “My movie bar code on the wall”

  1. James

    Does it start at the top or the bottom?

    Darren Reply:

    It starts at the top. You can also tell by the green in the first quarter of the print, which are the early scenes in jungle.

  2. Lisa

    Kinda crazy but also neato! You can tell the top of the hanging is the beginning of the movie, because of all the blue on the right.

  3. Amiel Gladstone

    Funny, I think it’s supposed to hang horizontal.

    Darren Reply:

    That was my initial thought, too, but I quite like it vertical. I had holes put into the back for both orientations, so I can switch it up as desired.

    If I do more of them at a 1:3 ratio, I might try it horizontally as well.

  4. Derek K. Miller

    Interesting if you did more, and made them different lengths depending on the duration of the film.

    My next suggestion: “Citizen Kane.”

  5. Roshan

    That looks kinda cool. I’ll be moving to a new place soon and will want some stuff to decorate the place and make it personal. I would love something like this in my new place.

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