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Sales Team Achieves UnHoly Troika: Porn, Guns and Heroin

The sales force of Embedtechweb.com, a Web services management solutions vendor, closed deals with three important new clients in early November. GlobalFishMonger, GreasyBarrel.com and Laramie Narcotics all signed deals with the start-up in this emerging sector.

Web Services Unable to Connect Legacy System with Spork

After a six month intense integration efforts, senior consultants at B2BIntegrationInc have been unable to get a plastic spork from service provider Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to interoperate with an IBM Mainframe.


Company Celebrates One Gazillionth Query to Web Service

Just days after its public release, Webmorphic announced that their innovative Web Service SOAP2HTML has had one gazillion queries. The service's usage has taken the Web services community by storm, flooding the Webmorphic servers.


Acronym Shortage Threatens Web Services Community

Several leading Web services companies have called in trauma counsellors to assuage the fears of skittish architects.


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